Paint Your Face with Your National Flag using Flag Face App

There are so many events and days when you want to show support and respect for your country. You can do so by virtually painting your face with the national flag of your country using the Flag Face app for Android and then posting it on your social networks like Instagram. For example, on the independence day, veterans day or on the day when your football team is playing an important match – you can support your nation by simply painting your face with the flag colors.

The app contains flags of all the countries in the world, and you can use any one of them. But keep in mind that unlike the United States of America, many other countries might have laws against using their national flags in this manner. So before posting the flag painted face picture on social networks, check the local laws regarding your national flag.

Flag Face App

The Flag Face app opens up with the primary camera so that you can take your selfie to start with. Alternatively, you can also choose one of the pictures already stored in your phone. As soon as you snap the picture, it paints the picture with the US flag. There are many different painting styles available for the US and some other countries.

You can choose the flag of any other country by tapping on the Teams and then selecting your country from a list of hundreds of nations. In the next step, you can choose a tag line and frame to go with your painted picture. There are many frames and texts available for all the different countries. Once satisfied, you can tap on the Share to share it using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other installed apps.

Flag Face App

Conclusion: Flag Face app virtually paints your face to help you support your country during a major sports match. This app can save you from actually having your face painted if you do not really intend to attend the match.

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