Don’t Miss Rio Olympics 2016 – Get Olympics Countdown App for Your Phone

In the midst all the odds against this mega sports event, the Rio Olympic Games 2016 are finally going to take place in a few months from now in Brazil. If you are not going to the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro then you can always enjoy all of these sports events on your large screen TV. But in both the cases, you do not want to miss the date and time for all of your favorite sports events as they take place in the city of Rio. One way to ensure this is to install an app called Rio 2016 Olympics on your smartphone.

This app is very useful both before and after the Olympic games start. Before the games start, this app gives you a countdown to the Olympics. For example, right now it is showing a time of 41 days, 00 hours, 58 minutes and 08 seconds remaining. This is a simple but effective way of knowing when the games will start for all the busy bodies out there.

Rio Olympics 2016

After the Rio Games start, this app will display the videos of all the main events, news from Rio (about Olympics) and a medal tally list for all the sports events and for all the countries taking part in the Olympics. At the current time, none of these features work properly. Exception is that the videos are being displayed about the preparation for the games – both from the Olympics committee as well as from the athletes.

Rio Olympics 2016

There are many other apps that offer similar features, but all of them are limited in features specially before the starting of the Olympics. Once the games actually start, then perhaps you will see many new features added and working in the app. Till then, you can look at the countdown and keep in mind to take some time out for this fabulous event that brings all the nations together in the spirit of sports.

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