HP Photo Creations : Create Albums, Collages, Calendars & Cards

The color printer you have just bought is not only for the boring office work. It can do much more than you can imagine. But many people are discouraged at the thought of having to use an advanced image editor application for creating those wonderful collages and albums from your own pictures. But this is not the case. Many times the printers themselves carry useful software that assists in creating and printing such items. For example, when I bought my printer (HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2135), it came with a software called HP Photo Creations. Even though this software comes bundles with the HP printer, it can be downloaded from the HP website and can be used by anyone (even if you do not have an HP printer). This software can be used to create albums, collages, calendars, cards, and many other type of memorabilia using your very own pictures.

HP Photo Creations

You can select what type of item you want to create from the menubar in the HP Photo Creations software. After this you can choose the size of the paper (dimensions are usually in inches), add photos, add text, edit the creation to your own taste and then you can either save the creation for later use, share it with friends over social networks or print it right away on your color printer.

If you do not have any printer or are not satisfied with the quality of prints produced by it, then you can also order the prints fro a professional printing service from within the HP Photo Creations software. Depending on the location, you may have access to many other memorabilia like the cups, shirts and other such items that you can order to be printed and delivered to you.

Conclusion: HP Photo Creations software can be used by anyone to produce high quality cards, collages, and other beautiful creations using your own photos. It comes packed with thousands of graphics, even more designs, fonts and other tools to help you create the perfect gift.

You can download HP Creations software from http://www.hp.com/global/us/en/consumer/digital_photography/free/software/photo-creations.html.