How to Download Subtitles Automatically Using VLC Media Player

If there is any media player that can play all kinds of video formats on all the popular platforms then it is the VideoLAN VLC Media Player. On top of that VLC media player does not require any codecs and can actually decode the videos faster than other media players that do require codecs to be installed in your system. And now they have added another feature in the latest version of the VLC player that allows you to automatically download subtitles for the currently playing video. You no longer have to search for subtitles on many different sites, extract the subtitles from ZIP archives etc. VLC media player can handle everything for you.

Here is how you can download the subtitles using VLC Media Player in Android:

First of all you have to configure the subtitle language settings in the VLC Media Player so that it can download the subtitles for all the languages you want. To do this, you can open the VLC Media Player settings, choose Interface and then tap on Subtitles download languages. You can choose as many languages as you want, but if you select more than one language then obviously it will take more time to download the subtitles and might not succeed in all the cases.

VLC Download Subtitles

After this configuration is complete, you can try playing any video using VLC Media Player in your Android smartphone. When the video is playing, tap on the subtitle button and then choose Download subtitles from the menu that appears. When the message “Subtitles downloaded” appears, the downloaded subtitles will be automatically loaded for your video.

VLC Download Subtitles

The subtitles are download using the website and you may have to try a couple of times before you finally succeed in downloading the subtitles. For making sure that you download the correct subtitles for your videos, you should rename the videos with the title, year of release, encoding format etc.

If you are still living your life without the excitement of the VLC Media Player then you can have your free copy from