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When visiting a relative in Vermont, I stayed in a cheap hotel with free WiFi access. But there was a condition for the free WiFi – you can connect only one registered device. So I had them register my Samsung notebook computer for the free WiFi access. I guess they added the MAC address of my notebook’s network adapter to their router’s allow-list. But I also wanted to use the internet on my smartphone and there is a simple way to do it – use a software based WiFi hotspot creator like OSToto Hotspot.

OSToto Hotspot is designed to work with all versions of Windows. The only requirement is that your PC has a WiFi adapter installed in it. After the installation, it shows a small window where you can just click on the Turn on the WiFi button to start the WiFi hotspot. It assigns a default SSID (WiFi hotspot name) and password, but you can always edit both of these and change them to anything you want. The WiFi security used by the OSToto Hotspot software is WPA2 Personal, so it should work with all the latest WiFi enabled devices.

OSToto Hotspot

All the connected devices are displayed in a list in the same window. In the settings for the OSToto Hotspot, you can choose to make it run automatically at startup, turn on WiFi automatically (without having to click on the button), hide the system tray icon and more.

OSToto Hotspot

The application places an icon in the system tray too using which you can start/stop or restart the WiFi hotspot, add a shutdown timer (to shutdown Windows), switch between the normal/expert mode. There is also a network speed measuring tool built inside this application that can be used to see how fast your internet connection is.

OSToto Hotspot

You can download OSToto Hotspot from

Update January 12th 2018: Unfortunately this program has been discontinued. You can use an alternative like Mars WiFi. Now Windows 10 also has this feature built-in : Create mobile hotspot in Windows 10.

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  1. I used to create wifi with cmd. Very time wasting. Now I use OSToto Hotspot and I can create wifi easily. Though without router, I can enjoy wifi everywhere. Great feeling!!! Thank you.

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