How to Find Battery Temperature of Android Smartphone

A few days ago I had an experience for the first time – my Android phone started beeping incessantly and started showing high temperature warning. The warning message read – “Your battery is over temperature, please remove the battery”. I had heard of batteries exploding up in people’s hands when they get very hot, so I immediately removed the battery and walked away from the phone. After letting the phone cool down under the ceiling fan for twenty minutes, I put the battery back inside and turned it on. Warning went away, but the battery did not really feel to be any less hot than it was before.

You cannot really depend on the touch and feel to see if the battery is over the temperature limit or not. And any thermometer perhaps won’t read the correct temperature of the battery internals, as all batteries have a thick paper cover on them. So the only solution is to use an app that can read the temperature sensor of the battery inside your Android smartphone.

Although the Google Playstore is full of battery temperature measurement apps, but there are only a few such apps that you can rely on. Two of these apps are CPU-Z and TempMonitor. The first app CPU-Z gives a lot of information about your phone including the software and hardware capabilities of your device. But if you switch to the Battery section, you can see the current battery temperature along with terminal voltage, health status, charging status, charging method, and the charging level of the battery.

Battery Temperature

The second app, TempMonitor, does not offer any other information but just the temperature of the smartphone battery. The temperature is displayed in large font in both the popular units degree Celsius and degree Fahrenheit. Unlike the CPU-Z, this app does not dynamically update the temperature and displays the temperature of the battery when the app was first launched.

You can get the CPU-Z app for Android from and the TempMonitor from

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  1. On android 6, battery temp sensor is under settings>>battery
    Sadly it’s only available measuring in Celsius

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