Weather&Radar App for Android Shows Weather Alerts

While we were on a vacation in Chiang Mai, Thailand, we had to buy new umbrellas and raincoats because the rains were so very unexpected all the time. You look at the sky in the morning and it looks like a sunny day, but when you are outside the sky suddenly turns dark with clouds and it starts to rain heavily. I had bought a cheap umbrella at first, but it could not survive the downpours of Thai weather. So I ended up buying a heavy duty storm-proof Senz umbrella from the Ben Tanh market (probably a knock off, but it worked fine for two weeks).

Other than having a set of umbrellas and raincoats, I also installed Weather & Radar app in my Android smartphone. This app not only shows you the current weather, but also shows you hour-by-hour forecast for your local area or city. If you want to see the satellite maps for your location, then this app also displays them for you.


You can manually add a city and look at that city’s weather, or you can let it automatically find your location using the GPS service. For each location, it displays a weather map (complete with all the indicators for rainfall, snowfall, clouds and lightning) and the current temperature for all the different places in the map. Under the map, you can see the hourly forecast of the weather including the temperature and precipitation levels. If the precipitation level is very high (around 90%) then the chances of rain are also very high and you should not forget to carry an umbrella with you.

In the settings for the app, you can view all the legends and their meaning, you can set the temperature units (Celsius or Fahrenheit), choose a wind speed unit (kmph, mph, knots etc), choose if it should open the app with current location and more.


Conclusion: Even though there are other similar apps, the Weather&Radar apps keeps things more traditional and simpler. You can find all the basic information for the current weather and nest few hours forecast.

You can get the Weather&Radar app from