How to Take Webpage Screenshots in Firefox Easily

When it comes to taking screenshots in a PC, the first thing that people think of is downloading some specialized software like Hypersnap or SnagIt. And to a certain degree, these software makes things very easy for everyone who want to grab the screenshots. But if you are planning to take the screenshot of a webpage in Firefox, then you do not really need any plugin, add-on, extension or third party software. Firefox has an in-built function using which you can capture any webpage and save it into a PNG image file in a matter of seconds. For this we can make use of the responsive design mode feature of Firefox. Here is how:

  1. Launch Firefox browser (make sure you are running at least version 47.0 of the browser).
  2. Navigate to any webpage that you want to take screenshots of.
  3. Press the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+M to open the responsive design mode.Firefox Screenshot
  4. Change the screen resolution for the webpage to anything you want. You can use the presets or just drag the webpage frame edges to choose a custom screen size for the webpage. In addition, you can also change the simulated orientation between portrait and the landscape modes.
  5. Click on the small camera button to grab the screenshot and save it into a PNG image file on your PC.
  6. Once done, press the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+M once again to close the responsive design mode.

The responsive design mode is actually one of the web developer tools that helps web designers to see how their webpage works on different screen sizes and under different screen orientations. You can use this design mode to simulate touch events and grab the screen shots too. However, you cannot capture full webpage scroll length screenshots using this method – for that you have to use a plugin like Fireshot.