How to Add More Web Developer Tools in Mozilla Firefox

The popular Mozilla Firefox web browser comes packed with some of the essential tools for web developers, so that they can test, optimize and debug their web projects. There are many such tools available like web console, inspector (for inspecting various elements or variables as a web page is loaded), style editor (for manipulating the stylesheets associated with a webpage), eye dropper (for grabbing the hex colors for pixels on a webpage), scratchpad (for writing and testing your java-script code) etc. These tools are enough for some basic web development activities. But if you want even more web developer tools in your Firefox web browser, then you can easily find and add those tools too. Here is how:

  1. Launch Firefox web browser and press the Alt key once on your keyboard to make the menubar appear.
  2. From the menubar select Tools → Web Developer → More Tools. Fireffox Add New Web Developer Tools
  3. This will take you to the Mozilla webpage that lists all the available web developer tools in form of the downloadable extensions. Pick any of the extensions like the Firebug tool which is very useful for debugging the webpages and click on the Add to Firefox button.Fireffox Add New Web Developer Tools
  4. After the installation of the extension, you can find the newly installed tools under the Web Developer sub-menu in the menubar. Depending on the new tool, it can also install right-click context-menus or buttons in the Firefox toolbar.

Installing new web developer tools in Firefox is not very much different than installing any other extensions or add-ons in Firefox. Perhaps the only difference between the two is that the web developer tools webpage should be accessed only from the Firefox menubar. if any time later, you decide to remove the new installed web developer tools, then you can remove them just like you would remove any other Firefox extensions.