Image DeCap : Capture and Share Screenshots or Text

If your work involves heavy internet use and you have to share pictures or text material with others than there is nothing better than PasteBin for sharing the text and Imgur for sharing the images. The free Image DeCap software allows you to use both of these services right from the PC desktop. You can copy any image to the clipboard and click a button to instantly upload it on the Imgur sharing site. Similarly, any text inside your Windows’ clipboard can be posted over to the PasteBin just by clicking a single button.

The developer of the Image DeCap software says that he has created it in the memory of a now-defunct software called Hyperdesktop because it was a very lightweight program. I personally know nothing about Hyperdesktop, but the new Image DeCap seems very lightweight as well as effective program for all the promised functions.

Image DeCap

Image DeCap can be used both as a portable as well as an installed program. When you launch it for the first time, it actually asks you whether you want to install it or use it as portable application. Either way it places an icon in the notification area and you can double-click on to see the main window. From this window, you can click on various buttons to share the contents of the clipboard to PasteBin and capture the screen, window, or region and upload it to Imgur. In any case, the  sharing links are displayed in the text box that you can copy and share with others.

Image DeCap

In the program settings, you can choose the folder where the captured screenshots are kept, choose to edit the image after capturing, configure the hotkeys, choose the PasteBin upload title, block uploading to public sites (if you have sensitive content), configure FTP upload settings and more.

Editing of the image after the capturing of screenshot is enabled by default. So when you capture the screenshot, it opens the newly captured image inside a basic inbuilt image editor. Using this image editor you can make basic brush strokes and add text of any color to the image. After the editing, you can click on the Upload button to proceed with the uploading.

Image DeCap

Conclusion: Image DeCap is a nifty little utility for capturing screenshots and sharing them over to the Imgur site. You can also upload text content from the clipboard to the PasteBin site. All the sharing links are displayed directly inside the Image DeCap program window.

You can download Image DeCap from