3DP Bench Calculates Boot Time for Windows

3DP Bench is a simple program that helps you understand how much time does your system take to boot into Windows. This software developed by the same people who created 3DP Chip. The 3DP Bench program could be useful if your PC is taking a long time to boot and you want to upgrade its hardware or if you want to compare your system with that of others (it can compare your system ratings online with the ratings posted by other users).

3DP Bench is a very tiny program (less than 300 KB in size) but it can still manage to do all the boot and reboot measurements for your system. It is a portable program so it can be launched right away after the download without any necessity of installing. Once running, you have to click on the Start Check button to reboot your system.

After the system reboot, the 3DP Bench window appears automatically once again – this time displaying the boot times for your PC. You can click on the Add Record (Online) button to publish your results online (even though this does not seem to work perhaps because the servers are no longer working for the 3DP Bench program).

3D Bench

And if you are interested in taking a snapshot of the 3DP Bench program then you do not have to use a third party screen capture utility. Instead, the snapshot function is built inside the 3DP Bench program itself. You can click on the small camera icon in the 3DP Bench window – it will capture the 3DP Bench window and save the JPEG file somewhere on your PC.

Conclusion: 3DP Bench is a small program to measure the boot and reboot times in your Windows PC. It has not been updated for some time, so the comparison with other people’s boot times function is no longer seem to work, but it can still tell you your system’s boot and reboot times.

You can download 3DP Bench program from http://www.3dpchip.com/3dpchip/3dp/bench_down_en.php.