Manage Embedded Tags in Your Music Collection with TagScanner

The MP3 files first became popular in mid-90’s and they are still in use today. The reason for the immense popularity of the MP3 files is that they not only store the audio in compressed format, they can also have other embedded information inside them through the use of the ID3 tags. You can embed the title, artist, album, year, genre, track number and even the album art picture inside these ID3 tags. When you play these MP3 files in your media player, this information is displayed and can also be used to search or sort the tracks from different MP3 files.

Although some of the popular media players like Winamp provide you some basic editing of the ID3 tags, there is still so much more you can do through these tags. Instead of editing the tags through a limited ID3 editor of various media players, you can use the TagScanner software which is both free and portable. TagScanner can work with MP3 files but it can also edit some other formats like OGG, FLAC, MP4 etc. All these audio file formats can have various different types of tags embedded inside them.


Once you have added a folder containing your MP3, OGG, MP4 or FLAC files to the TagScanner, it will scan and list the information embedded inside the tags of these files. You can go through these files one at a time and see whether the information is correct or not and edit it accordingly.

TagScanner offers many more functions other than editing the audio files’ embedded tags. It can rename the files based on their embedded tag information. It lets you search for the information of popular songs using the online Discogs service but you need a Discogs account for that. It can also generate the tags based on the file names. You can also export the tracklist complete with the tag information to a CSV or HTML file.

You can download TagScanner from