WinParrot : Record and Repeat Actions in Windows PC

Many people love to have parrots as pet birds in their homes and teach these birds to speak. Once these parrots have learned to speak, they can repeat anything you speak in front of them. Just like a trained parrot bird, the WinParrot software for Windows can record your actions (your keyboard, mouse or the touch-screen actions) into a macro and later allows you to repeat all those actions once again. WinParrot can be used to repeat some of the daily routine tasks, automatically fill forms online, load your data into applications like Microsoft Excel, or conduct demonstration of software usage by running macros slowly. WinParrot can also schedule these macros to be run at any specified time.

WinParrot is a portable software and the overall download size is less than one megabytes. You can unzip the downloaded file and then launch the WinParrot.exe file to start using this program. You can start recording your actions by clicking on the Record button. Once you have done carrying out all the actions using your keyboard, mouse or the touchscreen, you can press the End key on your keyboard to stop the recording and save the macro to a WPR file. You can see all the actions displayed chronologically in the WinParrot window.


The macros are recorded into a WPR file. If you want to make minor changes to the actions in the macro, then you can open the macro file and modify the contents of of all the actions. For this you have to first click on the Studio and then you can choose to move the actions up or down, edit their contents manually, copy the actions and more. After editing a macro file, you can save the macro file and test it by playing it back.


Conclusion: WinParrot is an advanced macro recorder for Windows. It can not only record and playback the macros, but it also allows you to edit the macros very easily. There are options to debug and schedule the macros too.

You can download WinParrot from