MSI Kombustor : Benchmark GPU and Perform Extensive Stress Tests

If you are a computer gamer then you know how every little bit of improvement in the performance of your PC counts towards the enjoyment of the overall gaming experience. This is why gamers are always trying to modify their systems and configure the components to bring about the best possible results. The way you determine the improvements made by hardware updates and the changes in their configurations is through running the benchmarks and stress tests in your PC. MSI Kombustor is one of such test tools that can run benchmark on your graphics cards and put it under an extensive set of stress tests.

You begin by downloading the MSI Kombustor standalone portable ZIP package. The downloadable package is available for both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. Being a portable application it does not need to be installed, you can simple launch MSI_Kombustor.exe to start with MSI Kombustor.

You can just click on the Start Benchmark button to start the basic benchmark test which includes a series of 3D tests that might take many minutes and end in displaying a calculated score for your system. You can submit this score to the MSI Afterbuner only if you have an MSI motherboard.

MSI Kombustor

There are also other tests and tools like CPU burner, GTX LED Controller and GPU Monitoring that can be used to assess the capabilities of your computer system. Just like the benchmark test, you can start the stress test by clicking on the Start stress test. These tests check the GPU capabilities, CPU temperature and even the GPU fan speed to determine the final score for your gaming rig.

Conclusion: If you want to know how well your gaming rig performs in comparison to other people’s computers, then you can use the MSI Kombustor benchmarking tool. You can upload your system’s performance score on the Kombustor site and compare it with what other people have.

You can download MSI Kombustor application from