Sunshine : Weather App Tells You What People Think of Current Weather

When it comes to weather apps for your mobile devices, there are plenty of great apps but they are all powered by the data collected by one or the other meteorological agencies. These apps gather data from both the government and private organizations to tell you about the latest weather conditions and about the weather forecast for the next few days. But many times the data or the predictions are not very accurate – the app tells you about possible rain, you walk out carrying an umbrella and all you see is clear blue sky all the day long.

The people at Sunshine Technologies have realized, like many of us, that the weather forecasts done by meteorologists sitting in their air-conditioned rooms and looking at some random numbers on their computer screen are not always correct. And so they have taken the other approach – ask the local people how they feel about the current weather and then this way weather data will be much more accurate.

Sunshine Weather App

The crowd-sourced weather app Sunshine is now available for both Android and iOS. It detects your location automatically and shows you your location on the map with weather conditions as told by other people in the same location. You can tap on any person and see what they think about the current weather conditions. The data is updated continuously to reflect the latest weather. In the case of absence of any or sufficient user input for a location, the app uses data from weather agencies.

Sunshine Weather App

Not only you can find the real weather conditions for any location as experienced by real people at the location, but you can also become a weather-person for the app. For this, you have to tap on the weather condition icon to open the screen where you can choose one of the graphics suggesting the current weather conditions as you are experiencing them. You can write an optional comment too. Finally, tapping on the Send on the top of the screen will submit the weather report to Sunshine servers.

You can get the Sunshine weather app for Android or iOS from