Play Delta Game Anytime You Want in the Firefox Browser

The people who grew up in the late 80’s and 90’s sometimes have that nostalgia of the things of that era that no longer exist today – large telephone answering machines, multiple public phone booths everywhere, acid washed jeans, crazy hairstyles and the first generation of many gaming consoles that could only be found in game parlors. People from that generation often tell you funny stories and of having a great time while playing these old games that might look very boring to the youngsters today. If you wish to relive that experience of playing those games, then you can try your hand at MAME or other similar gaming console emulators.

But if you are a busy body and just want to have some time out to relax and break free now and then from your strenuous work life, then you might want to try the Delta Game extension for the Firefox. This extension allows you to play the decades old Delta game anytime you want in any tab right inside the Firefox web browser. If you do not know, the Delta game was first released in 1987 for the then popular Commodore 64 gaming console.

Delta Game for Firefox

You can start this game by clicking on the small rocket icon in the Firefox toolbar. This starts the game in a small overlay in the current tab – which means that you can play this game without it affecting whatever you have been doing in the Firefox browser. The game responds to the space-bar (to fire) and the arrow keys (to control the space-ship).

Delta Game for Firefox

Conclusion: Even though the game is pretty basic and the game music is not the best available in the modern times, it could be a great stress buster during the work hours. You can play this game for a couple of minutes, feel relaxed and go back to work once again.

You can get the Delta Game extension for Firefox from