Stay Fit with the 30 Day Fitness Challenge App

During the holidays we stay in one place and rarely get any exercise. Not only we lack the basic movement needed to stay healthy, we also eat so much that some of us have to call the doctor for help. And afterwards we do all the things like dieting, appetite suppressant pills, running, cycling and spending hours in the gym just to get rid of that extra weight we accumulated during the holidays. But it does not have be like this – we can stay fit throughout the holidays without going to the gym or actually needing any special equipment.

To stay fit all you have to do is install the 30 Day Fitness Challenge app in your smartphone and follow the instructions diligently. Everyday this app will tell you to perform a set of exercises and you have to follow these instructions to a T. All the exercises can be performed in the interior of your house. Sometimes you would need a chair or a yoga mat, but that is something found in every house.

30 Day Fitness Challenge

You start the app by entering your current weight in pounds or kilograms. After that you have to choose a challenge, for example, you can choose body fitness challenge, abs challenge, buns challenge, arm challenge and so on. Each challenge has many plans from easy ones to hard ones. Following these plans for next 30 days will give you a toned up and fit body.

30 Day Fitness Challenge

When you pick the plan for a day, it tells you about the set of exercises that you must perform on that day and in what order or for how much duration. For each exercise the app shows you the detailed instructions and benefits along with the animation for each of the exercises which is very helpful if you do not really understand the textual description.

Conclusion: If you do not want to go to gym or cannot go to gym, then you can just install 30 Day Fitness Challenge app in your smartphone to stay fit and have a toned up body.

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