Sheenoji is Charlie Sheen Emoji Keyboard for iPhone

Charlie Sheen is a famous Hollywood actor known for his roles in the popular sitcoms Two and A Half Men and Anger Management. He has had a roller coaster life style leading to the generation of lots of gossip and media attention. Despite all the expletives that he has used openly on social networks, his fans love him dearly for his work in the movies and on the television. If you are also a Charlie Sheen fan, then perhaps you would love to use Charlie Sheen based emojis. For this, you can download and install the new Charlie Sheen emoji keyboard called Sheenoji in your iPhone or iPad devices.

Sheenoji Keyboard

Sheenoji contains emojis, GIFs, icons and stickers based on Charlie Sheen’s life style and popular statements made by him. For example, there are many of the “I’m winning” based icons. Then there are “Stay positively negative” icons and yes there is the “tiger blood” for you to include in your messages. But they have no forgotten the older movies of Charlie Sheen – there are icons depicting his role in the movie Hot Shots. Overall there are one hundred such icons and stickers and what they are calling Charlie’isms. The App Store description for the app promises to add even more of these in the future versions.

Sheenoji Keyboard

The Sheenoji app is basically a new keyboard for iOS and you can use it in any app to insert the Charlie Sheen emojis. Unlike some other keyboards that offer standard emojis, you have to copy-paste the emoji pictures anywhere you want the emojis to appear. This copy-paste method is a little clumsy, but for inserting occasional Sheen catchphrases in your messages it is not too difficult. The keyboard costs only 99 cents and works in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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