EA Origin Gives Away Classic Game Nox for Free

Origin is a platform for purchasing, downloading and managing games offered by Electronics Arts. One of the perks of using Origin is that you get access to some of the “On the House” games that are made available completely free of cost from time to time. Earlier, we posted about Need for Speed – Most Wanted that was offered free by Electronics Arts a few months ago. Now they have made another classic PC game available free through the Origin platform. This time “On the House” game is Nox released in the year 2000.

Nox is a PC only action and RPG hybrid game. This sort of games were very popular during later 90’s. In the Nox game story line, your protagonist is Jack Mower who gets transported into the strange world of Nox while watching his TV (reminds of the science fiction movie Videodrome (1983)). And now the fate of the doomed world of Nox depends entirely in your hands. You are going to choose the path of either a wizard, a conjurer or a warrior to set off on your intriguing and action filled journey to be the savior of Nox.

EA Nox Game

You do not have to go to your home PC, launch Origin software and then download the Nox game. You can just open the www.origin.com website, login to your Origin account and then claim your free copy of Nox PC game. Later when you go back to your home, you can launch the Origin software and finish downloading the Nox game to your PC, install it and start playing it. The original game in the year 2000 came in three different CD-ROMs, but Origin provides a large single file download.

The game works well in Windows 8 without any problems. The only possible setback is that the game servers that used to work in the year 2000 no longer exist anymore, so multiplayer game play  over the internet is impossible. Though, you can setup your local network and engage in multiplayer action using the LAN option.

You can visit this link to claim your free copy of Nox (it won’t be on the house forever) : https://www.origin.com/en-in/store/buy/nox/pc-download/base-game/standard-edition.