Sublight Makes Searching for Movie Subtitles Very Easy

If you really want to experience the foreign horror movies, then you have to watch some of the Japanese or Korean horror movies. Unfortunately, not all of these Japanese/Korean movies are dubbed in English or come with any subtitles and you have to buy the original DVD/Bluray as it is. But some people have translated some of these movies into English and the subtitles are available online. But when you look for these subtitles, you have to go through an array of websites – some of them are misleading, some want you to install spyware software before download begins and so on.

To avoid all the hassle involved in downloading subtitles, you can use the Sublight software which makes it very easy to search and download movie subtitles in many different languages. The Sublight software is available as a portable application, so you do not have to install anything on your PC at all.


After launching the Sublight for the very first time, you have to create a new account or login using an existing account if you have any. Once logged in, you are shown the basic use of the Sublight software. You can either drag-n-drop a video file on the Sublight window or manually enter the video title in order to begin the search.

In a few seconds, Sublight lists the subtitles available on hundreds of websites. You can select any one of them that you want to download and then click on the download button. The subtitle file is automatically downloaded, extracted and renamed to match the video file name. You can then try using that subtitle in your favorite media player to see if it is the right one. If the subtitle does not work properly, then you can try another subtitle from the list.


Conclusion: Sublight makes it very easy to search and download subtitles for various videos or movies. You can download subtitles available in all possible languages and it takes only a few seconds.

You can download Sublight from