Avast Cleanup for Android Removes Unneeded Files

After only a few days of use of any app in your Android smartphone, that app creates a large number of files in form the the app cache. Sometimes the app cache becomes so large that it hampers the normal use of your phone making it slow to respond. Then there are other files that are left over by the apps that you have already uninstalled from your phone. All these junk files are really no longer needed and just take up space on your phone without any purpose at all.

You can use the Avast Cleanup to get rid of these left over files, junk files and the unnecessary app cache. It is an app that is very effective when it comes to clean these cache and the junk files. Along with the cleanup function, the app also offers to boost the smartphone performance by closing down the apps running in the background.

Avast Cleanup

The app starts by scanning through your smartphone’s storage space and then offering to perform a cleanup for you. Before you can cleanup, it also suggests to configure which files are going to be removed using the cleanup. You can choose to remove the thumbnails, hidden cache, visible cache, shared cache, APK files and the residual files.

Other than the cleanup, you can also instantly boost the performance by tapping on the Boost button. This opens up a new screen where you can choose the apps running in the background that you want to be closed down. By closing these background apps, it frees up the system memory and makes your smartphone much more responsive.

Avast Cleanup

Conclusion: Even though very powerful smartphones are available in the market today, you can still manage to get a little more performance from your existing phone by using the Avast Cleanup. This app cleans the cache and junk files to improve the performance of the phone.

You can get the Avast Cleanup app for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.avast.android.cleaner.