TouchPal Night Filter for Android Devices Protects Eyes from Strain

All the devices these days make use of the LCD or LED screens whether they are desktop computers, notebook computers, tablets or the smartphones. But these screens are made up of very small light emitting diodes and they emit bluish light from them. This blue light has an effect on our mind – it mimics the daytime light coming from the Sun and keeps up awake. This can affect our natural body clock and sleep cycle. It can also put strain on our eyes if we use the smartphone in darker surroundings like at the night time.

An easy way to prevent all this is to use a night filter app in your smartphone which blocks the blue light and dims the light a little. Both of these effects work together to regulate our sleep-wake cycle and lower the strain on our eyes when using the smartphone or the tablet late at night.

Night Filter TouchPal

Night Filter app from TouchPal is a fairly simple app to use. You can launch the app and then tap on the big flip switch to turn on the night filter. The screen dims immediately and a dark brown filter is placed on the top of all the contents of the screen. But TouchPal Night Filter app is not limited to just one filter – you can choose one of the many filters – yellow, brown, orange, green and white. Other than this, you can also control the alpha value of the filter applied which basically controls the transparency of the filter – a value of 100 makes it fully transparent while a value of 0 makes the filter fully visible.

Conclusion: TouchPal Night Filter for Android smartphones and tablets can be very helpful in lowering the strain on your eyes when you use the phone late at night. It can also remove the blue light helping regulating your natural sleep clock.

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