Wordaizer : Create Word Clouds of Any Color, Shape and Size

A word cloud is a special type of graphic design – some words arranged in random order in the form of a particular shape. You can manually create word clouds using popular graphics editing software like GIMP, but it will take a long time. Instead you can use Wordazier an app designed specially to create word clouds of any shape, size and color. The software is available for Windows PC only and can pick words from a list or from a text file. You can pick a shape from the in-built library or create your own custom shape. Apart from this, you can also customize other things like the fonts, font size, colors and so on.

To start with Wordaizer, you can open a text file. To do so, you have to select File → Open Text File from the menubar or use the hotkey Ctrl+O and then select any text file from your hard disk. Actually the software comes with some sample text files of its own like the one containing words from Shakespeare.


After this, you can just choose a shape from the list of shapes and click on the button labeled Create My Wordlet. This will generate the word cloud in the preview section of the window with the words randomly picked using the text file you earlier selected. Every time, you generate the word cloud a different set of words are used to create a unique word cloud. You can export this word cloud to an image by using the hotkey Ctrl+S.

For the customization of the word cloud, you can change the font and font size, the background color etc. And if you are not satisfied with the in-built shapes, then you can create your own custom shapes either using the PNG files or through the shapes editor of the program itself.


Conclusion: Wordaizer makes it very easy to create word clouds of any color, shape or size using the words from your own text files. The word clouds can be exported to the PNG image files.

You can download Wordaizer from http://mosaizer.com/Wordaizer/index.htm.