Tray Radio : Listen to International Radio Stations in Windows PC

Tray Radio is a small Windows application that can help you tune to many of the international radio stations in your Windows PC. It is very flexible and allows you to edit the radio stations yourself so that you can edit the non-working radio stations or add your own favorite radio stations. It comes with a list of many national, regional and other popular radio stations  from Germany, Belgium and Netherlands, but you can add your own stations using the program configuration. It also has a feature that enables you to play any music files stored locally – turning it into a small media player. It supports MP3, M4A, FLAC and WMA files.

Tray Radio does not work in the portable mode – you cannot just copy the files for the program to a folder and launch it from there. You must have to install the application before you can use it. After the installation, it places an icon in he notification area from where you can choose to play any of the radio stations you want. When you tune to a radio station, a notification displayed in the system tray along with the logo of the radio station.

Tray Radio

You can click on the notification area icon to open an equalizer that also has all the playback buttons – play/pause, stop, record etc. Using this record button, it can record the programs you are listening to in the form of the MP3 files. The MP3 conversion is done using the popular LAME MP3 plugin.

Tray Radio

Conclusion: Tray Radio is small online radio player for Windows PC with media player and recording features. But it does not have a list of many radio stations and comes with radio stations only from three non-English countries Germany, Netherlands and Belgium. It would have been better if it contained stations from US and UK too.

You can download the Tray Radio software from