AOL Shield : Chromium Based Security Focused Browser for Windows

AOL Shield is a web browser based on the Chromium project and adds many advanced security features. As you can expect it gives you a basic look and feel of the Chromium web browser, but the real security and protections features stay in the background to shield you from any keyloggers, screen capturing tools, phishing sites, and malicious software. It runs on all the Windows computers running on Windows 7 or later versions and claims to consume very little of your system resources.

The security features provided by the AOL Shield include many different methods to thwart the keyloggers from capturing your keystrokes and phishing protection-

  1. PhishLock Technology It is a patented technology to help prevent identity and data theft by detecting when a user navigates to a website identified as a scam phishing site.
  2. Blacklisting Protection Once a phishing website has been confirmed, it is added to a blacklist that is maintained and made available for public use.
  3. Window Hook Protection – It prevents other applications to listen to messages sent to the browser, such as mouse and keyboard events making impossible for the malware to listen to these messages.
  4. Kernel Level keylogging Protection AOL Shield replaces the actual keys pressed with randomly-generated characters to help prevent anyone from capturing keystrokes.
  5. Screen Capture Protection Prevents malware from from taking pictures of the browser screens but still allows the user to capture screens manually.
  6. Form Grabbing Protection Prevents malware from stealing the form data before it is encrypted and sent to the intended website.

AOL Shield Web Browser

There are many other security features too but they are also available in the Chromium project. With so many security features built inside the AOL Shield, it is definitely a great web browser for carrying out various sensitive online tasks – login to your bank accounts, paying your monthly bills, paying for your online shopping and other similar tasks that involve financial transactions.

You can download AOL Shield from