Temporary Disable Screen Capture Protection in AOL Shield Browser

AOL Shield browser is a new offering from the old internet player AOL. It focuses heavily on the security and protects your from phishing web sites, keylogging applications, screen grabbing malware and other malicious software. It is built on the top of well known Chromium web browser and gives you the same experience as the Google Chrome browser. It comes with two main modules – one to encrypt the key pressed event characters to obfuscate the key strokes and the second to prevent the screen capture by any application.

If for some reason you have to disable the screen capture module temporarily, then you can proceed as follows:

  1. Launch AOL Shield web browser, click on the hamburger icon to pull down the menu and select Settings from the menu.
  2. On the settings page (chrome://settings), scroll down, find the option Enable Screen Capture Protection and disable it (uncheck it).AOL Shield Web Browser
  3. Restart AOL Shield web browser for the changes to take effect.

We had to disable this option in order to take a screenshot of AOL Shield browser using HyperSnap screen capture utility. If you choose to disable this option, do not keep it disabled for long as this would beat the whole purpose of installing the secure AOL Shield web browser in the first place.

There is another option labeled Show Anti-Keylogging Window which makes a shield icon and random characters on the AOL Shield window title. What this means is that the window is protected against key-loggers and all the keystrokes sent to that window are being obfuscated preventing any key logging programs to capture your passwords and other sensitive information. Even if you disable this option, AOL Shield will keep protecting you against the key-loggers – it just won’t display the indication on the browser windows.

If you have not yet downloaded the AOL Shield web browser, then you can visit https://discover.aol.com/products-and-services/aol-shield-browser.