Castro for Android Displays System Info for Smartphones

When someone mentions Castro, everyone immediately thinks of the Cuban dictator. But surprisingly Castro is also an Android app that can display you the hardware information and other details about your smartphone. it is more like the popular CPU-Z app that we have already mentioned many times on this site. The app can tell you about the system hardware, various components, version of the OS installed, whether it is rooted or has some sort of busybox installed and so on.

The app opens up displaying a summary about your system configuration including the OS version, build number, bootloader, SDK version, kernel version being used, and other such information. You can tap on the menu near the top-left corner and select one of the several categories like devices, processor, batteries, memory and WiFi to see detailed information related to those categories.

Castro App for Android

The app has a file icon near the top-right corner of the screen. If you tap on this icon, it will offer to save the currently displaying details into a file on your device. It can save the information in the form of a plain text TXT file or as an PDF document. These documents are saved inside the CASTRO folder and can then be used to share the system configuration of your device with others – perhaps when you are seeking professional help to resolve some issues with your smartphone.

Castro App for Android

In the settings for the app, you can change the units of the temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit), and potential difference / voltage (Volts or milli Volts) and if you have purchased the Pro version of the app, then you can also enable the Night Mode feature. The night mode is useful when using your smartphone in the dark surroundings or at the night time. This mode can increase the readability of your smartphone in dark.

You can get the Castro app for Android from