Clipdiary is Portable Clipboard Manager for Windows

Every Windows PC has a temporary data storage feature called clipboard which is very useful when editing text documents in programs like Microsoft Word, when editing images using programs like GIMP or Photoshop, when copying files from one locations to another, and for any other task that requires copying data into the clipboard first before you can paste it somewhere else. But the Windows’ native clipboard is limited as the data stays in the clipboard only for a short period of time until it is overwritten by some other data or until the PC is shutdown.

To make the clipboard data persistent and available even after PC reboots or even after the older data has been overwritten by some other data, you can make use of the free Clipdiary program. This software is available as a portable application and can be used from a pen drive.


When you first launch the Clipdiary program, it takes you through a number of steps using a wizard interface. Here you can assign hotkeys for launching the main interface of the Clipdiary and for quickly copying the data from the Clipdiary back to the clipboard. Once this is done, you are all set and can go about using your PC in the usual manner. Clipdiary keeps monitoring the clipboard activity and all the data you copy to the clipboard is saved in the Clipdiary automatically.


You can open the Clipdiary interface, choose one of the items from the list, right-click on the item you want to copy back to the clipboard and choose one of the many actions available – paste it directly in the foreground window, copy it to the clipboard, paste or copy it as plain text (removes all formatting), rename it to easily identify it later or remove it from Clipdiary. Clipdiary also allows you to see a preview of what is in the list. You can save any of the items inside the list into a text file, image, HTML document, and so on.

You can download Clipdiary from