BD Rebuilder Creates Backup of Bluray Disks

When my cousin decided to get married last year, I was given the responsibility to arrange for the photography during the wedding ceremony. I contacted the best professional videographers and photographers who took care of everything and did a splendid job. They gave us the both the video and photographs on USB flash keys as well as Bluray disks. They also uploaded the photo gallery online so we can see or download the photographers anytime.

The first thing that I did after receiving the disks, was create two backup copies of all the disks so in case we lose one in the future or if it gets damaged, we still have backups of the photographs from that memorable day. You can create the backups of USB flash disks easily just by copy-pasting the files/folders from one USB flash disk to another. But for backing up the Blueray disks, you need a software like BD Rebuilder.

BD Rebuilder can create a backup of Bluray disks to a folder on your hard disk. This free program is also able to compress the movies stored on Bluray disks. But it is not limited to working with the Bluray disks alone – it can also be used with the DVD disks and standalone video files. It supports creating a backup of videos present on single-layer DVD5, DVD9 or double-layer Bluray disks.

BD Rebuilder

Using BD Rebuilder is very easy, but you must download and install AVISynth before using this program. – all you have to do is select a working folder (where backup is placed) and the source folder (the Bluray disk drive or the path to the video file) and then click on the Backup button. As soon as you select the source folder, it starts to analyze the videos and makes itself ready for the backup. After this, you can proceed with the backup.

BD Rebuilder compresses and encodes Bluray videos along with with all the items like the menus and other things using H.264 encoding. It removes unwanted audio streams that are stored on a disk with the videos.

You can download BD Rebuilder from