Hourglass : A Simple Countdown Timer for Windows PC

Hourglass is a simple countdown timer for Windows based computers. It does not use the regular Windows controls to set the time, but you can just type in the time (for example, five minutes, fifty seconds, etc.) in the space provided and it will automatically understand the time you are trying to set. This makes it much more convenient to use for everyone. The program is available both as a portable app as well as in the form of a setup installer.

Unlike some other similar programs that use too many system resources and claim some space in the notification area of the Windows desktop, the Hourglass program limits the number of system resources it uses. It shows a small timer window where you can enter the time duration for the countdown timer, a description for the timer (for example, Weekly Meeting) and then click on the Start to start the countdown timer. When the time is up, it will make both visible and audible alerts in your PC.

Hourglass Timer

If you want more than one countdown timers, then you can right-click on the Hourglass window and select New timer from the context-menu that shows up. From the same context-menu, you can choose to switch the time to the full-screen mode, loop the times again and again, change the color of the timer window, change the alert sounds for the countdown timer and much more.

Hourglass Timer

Hourglass countdown timer can be useful when you are busy working on your PC but also want to stay informed about the important meeting that is going to start within 2 hours, or to make that important call to your clients at the time, or to go outside for a walk every few hours to avoid turning into a sedentary person.

You can download Hourglass countdown timer from http://chris.dziemborowicz.com/apps/hourglass/.