Use Multiple Messaging Apps in Windows Through Rambox

Rambox is an open-source and free software that allows you to use many different messaging apps from one place in your Windows desktop. It supports BearyChat, Chat Work, Dasher, Ding Talk, Discord, Facebook Messenger, Flowdock, Grating, Gmail, Grape, GroupMe, Hangouts, HipChat, Hushmail, Inbox, Matter Most, Missive, Noysi, Office 365, Outlook, Protonmail, Rocket Chat, Skype, Slack, Steam Chat, Sync, Telegram, Tutanota, Voxer, WeChat, WhatsApp, Wire, Yahoo mail, Yahoo. It works on all the major platforms like Windows, Linux and Mac. Basically, it uses either the desktop clients of these services or their web apps from inside the Rambox window. Perhaps this is why the setup installer is a large file.

The Rambox software can be compared with Franz that we have posted about earlier. Just like Franz, you have to add services before you can configure and use the related messaging apps. You can add new services at any later time, but to start using the application you should at least one service. To add a service, just click on its icon in the Rambox window and then you can see this service in the enabled services list.


Of course, you must sign-in using your account credentials for each of the enabled services. For each service you can turn the notifications on or off. Rambox also allows you to synchronize all the accounts across different computers to stay updated all the time. For synchronizing the accounts, you would need to use the same Rambox configuration in all the devices.

Conclusion: Rambox is for the people who find it annoying to use many different apps to use all the different messenger services. It combines all the messaging services into one app and makes it very easy for you to enjoy them from one single place.

You can download Rambox from