How to Convert PDF Documents to Excel Format Easily

Sometimes at work we receive PDF documents that have a lot of data inside it in the row column format. But since PDF documents are not easily editable, we feel helpless when thinking of editing this data inside the PDF documents. The usual approach is to either manually enter this data into a new Microsoft Excel sheet to make it easy for you to edit or insert the data. Another thing that people also use is that they try to export the PDF document into a plain text file and then copy-paste the data from this text file into an Excel sheet.

But you do not have to resort to any of these tedious and annoying methods when there is a much easier way to convert PDF documents into Excel spread-sheets using the free online PDF to Excel converter. To use this online web app, you can visit their website located at and upload your PDF document to their server. Only in a few seconds, you would be able to download the converted Excel spread sheet. This Excel spread-sheet contains all the data as it was inside the original PDF document and is compatible with all the popular Office suites including Microsoft Office, Libre Office and Open Office.

PDF to Excel Online Converter

To test the efficacy of the web app we created a special PDF document using Libre Office containing some random data in a table. The original PDF document looked very basic and was generated using a DOCX file. It looked  like this in PDF viewer:

PDF to Excel Online Converter

After uploading this PDF document to the online PDF to Excel converter web app, it generated an Excel spread-sheet in only two seconds. A download button was soon displayed clicking on which we were able to download the resulting file. When opened using Libre Office, the Excel spread-sheet looked like this.

PDF to Excel Online Converter

As you can see, the resulting Excel file has all the original data from the PDF file and is fully editable. Since the Excel file uses the new .XLSX format, it can be used in Microsoft Office 2007 and later versions easily along with some other open-source Office suites.

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