Poke Radar Helps Pokémon Go Players Find Pokémon on the Map

All those people who have tried to play Pokémon Go, a new smartphone game in which you have to locate, capture and train the small funny creatures known as Pokémon, have found themselves wandering around for hours without any luck in finding any of the cool Pokémon creatures. After many a miserable days spent in trying to capture the popular Pokémon, some people have put together a web app called Poke Radar that can help you find the Pokémon locations where someone has already found Pokémon very recently. This way you can know  of the right places to find the best Pokémon creatures for yourself.

The Poke Radar web app is a users driven app – it does not determine the Pokémon locations by itself, but it depends on the users’ input. If a user finds a good Pokémon locations, then they can visit the Poke Radar website and pin the location where they discovered the new Pokémon. The only thing that you have to tell them is the trainer name (your Pokémon Go username).

Poke Radar

When you visit the Poke Radar web site, it first asks you for sharing your location through the web browser. This helps it locate your current location via the Google Maps. After this you have to wait a couple of minutes and then it will display all the Pokémon locations superimposed on the map. You can hover the mouse cursor over any Pokémon icon to see more details about it, for example, the trainer who found it and the time when that person found it.

Poke Radar

If you are looking for a special type of Pokémon character, then you can select it from the “Search” drop-down list on the left side. Then the Poke Radar app will display only that special Pokémon character on the map.

Apart from the web app, Poke Radar is also available as an app for iPhone and an app for Android is supposed to be released soon.

You can visit Poke Radar web app site at https://www.pokeradar.io/.