How to Quickly Reset Edge Browser in Windows 10

There could be many reasons why the Edge browser in your Windows 10 PC is not working as expected – corrupted Edge browser files, improperly configured settings, malware infections, missing or replaced files and many other unforeseen situations. Even though you can clean all the Edge browsing history from within the Edge settings but sometimes a malware (like HML/Browlock) can prevent you from accessing these settings. No matter what the reason for the Edge browser settings corruption is, you can always reset Edge back to the default settings using a free tool called “Edge Reset Button”.

The Edge Reset Button is a simple and small program that has only one function – it resets the Edge browser back to its default settings and restores all of the Edge browser related files back to their original state. To use the program, you can launch it from the desktop shortcut and click on the Reset Edge Browser button. You should close all the open Edge browser windows before using this tool. After you click on this button, it will make some changes in the Windows’ registry and restores all the program files belonging to the Edge browser.

Edge Reset Button

Now you can try launching the Edge browser and see that it starts as if you have launched it for the very first time. If your Edge browser settings became corrupted due to malware infection, you should take the precautions to avoid such infections in the future. You can easily prevent malware infection by installing a good antivirus solution like avast antivirus or Bitdefender antivirus and keeping your Windows PC up-to-date.

Conclusion: Edge Reset Button can be very useful in the case malware infection has disabled the Edge browser settings and you are not able to access or change the settings for Edge. This small tool can quickly and instantly reset Edge browser and return it back to the default settings state.

You can download Edge Reset Button from