ZHPCleaner Cleans Unwanted Toolbars and Adware

Some of the software that you download from the internet and install on your PC comes bundled with toolbars and other potentially unwanted programs (PUP). These unwanted toolbars and adware get installed in your PC secretly in your Windows PC without your permission or knowledge. You come to know about their existence in your PC only when you use your web browser and notice some suspicious activity or changes – for example, home page changing by itself, web pages redirecting to random sites, search engine changing without your consent and so on.

In case such unwanted toolbars, adware and other such things have made a home in your Windows PC, you can scan and remove them using ZHPCleaner. It is a free tool that can be used to detect and remove unwanted programs and other components that install themselves without the user’s permission. Most arof these harmful toolbars and adware slow down the operating system and make using the web browsers very annoying.


Using ZHPCleaner is very easy. All you have to do is download ZHPCleaner and launch the downloaded EXE file. Even though it does not show any setup progress, it installs some files in the user profile folder and creates a shortcut on the Desktop. Clicking on the Scanner button will make it start scanning your system. All web browser windows should be closed before you start the scanning. It takes a long time before displaying you the results.


The results are displayed in a small window which lists all the malicious items are shown. In my test PC, it found out three items – Apple QuickTime, a broken command in the Windows’ registry, and the PUP Funmoods. You can right-click on any of these items to know more information about these items.

After having a look at all the items it detected on your PC, you can go back to the main window and click on the Repair button to clean all of these malicious items. You might have to reboot your PC for the complete removal of all detected adware.

You can download ZHPCleaner from http://www.nicolascoolman.com/download/zhpcleaner/.