Install Essential Software in Windows with WinFirstRun

Usually a brand new Windows PC comes with many bundled programs like an antivirus program, Microsoft Office, and some other utilities from the manufacturer. But most of these programs are either useless, unnecessary or they are trial versions that expire after a few months. If you are looking for installing some free and useful software immediately after starting your Windows PC for the first time, then you do not have to search the internet – all you have to do is download WinFirstRun and it will show you which programs you can install under which category of software.

WinFirstRun is a portable program, so you it does not install any of its own components or files on your PC. But at the same time, it offers popular and useful programs for you to install. The main interface window of WinFirstRun displays six different categories of software that you can install – browsers, email clients, video players, music, utilities & other.


Under the web browsers, you can find the most popular web browsers like Maxthon, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, UC Browser, Vivaldi etc. Similarly, for other categories of software a list of well known and popular programs is displayed. After you select any of these programs from the list, you are given options to install the application. As you click on the Install Application button, WinFirstRun starts to download the software package from that software’s website and then launches the installer.


If you do not want to use the stock programs supplied by Microsoft in every copy of Windows (for example, Internet Explorer, Edge, Outlook, Windows Media Player and so on), then WinFirstRun can provide you with some really good alternatives. All the software packages listed by WinFirstRun are very popular with computer users and are used by many millions of users worldwide – therefore there is no risk or security concerns.

You can download WinFirstRun from