WinPurify : Modify Settings to Make Windows 10 Faster

Like its predecessors, the latest version of Windows operating system, Windows 10 is also designed with a generic consumer base in mind. It has something for everyone – games for kids, basic document editing apps, an app store to download and install Windows apps, help files for the new users, a minimal set of development tools, programs useful for an administrator and so on. But not everyone can use all of these programs or other Windows components – for them the unused components just take up space and keep running in the background making the PC operate a tad slower. Imagine what good the Windows help files and the Windows app store are for a hardcore computer gamer who is going to just play some PC games like Fallout 4 or The Witcher 3, or the Rise of the Tomb Raider?

If you do not need some components in Windows 10, then you can simply remove them or disable them using a free software called WinPurify. As its name suggests, it purports to purify your Windows 10 PC and remove all the extraneous apps and other components to maximize its performance. WinPurify comes as a small standalone and portable program and is meant only for Windows 10 computers.


In the program’s main interface, you can choose which components you want to remove and which settings you want to disable. For example, it allows you to disable Windows telemetry, Windows automatic updates, window effects and the window preview feature. It can also remove universal apps ( apps accessible to all Windows users), Windows app store, Windows help files and Windows updates cache. In addition, it can clean the temp folder, free RAM, increase Windows startup performance and install a PC Cleaner service.

You should note that not all the functions of WinPurify are reversible. The ones marked with an asterisk (*) are irreversible and you cannot undo them. Similarly, some of the functions are in the beta mode and can work unexpectedly, so you should use these functions very carefully.

You can download WinPurify from