Instantly Hide Open Windows with PrivacyHide

How many times has it happened to you that one of the nosy people has walked quietly near you and stares at your notebook screen just to see what you have been doing. And these snoopy people are so shameless, they don’t even look at you – they keep staring at the computer screen without any concern for your privacy. For people like this, there is a free software called PrivacyHide that can be used to instantly hide all the windows belonging to pre-specified processes at the press of a hotkey. For example, you can specify “firefox.exe” in the PrivacyHide window and when you press the hotkey, it will hide all the open Firefox windows.

After installation of the PrivacyHide application in Windows, you can open its main interface by clicking on is system tray icon. Under the Applications to be hidden tab, you can add as many applications as you want to be hidden when a hotkey is pressed. It has a drag-n-drop tool that you have to drop on the program files (EXE files) to add them to the list. You can also manually add the programs to the list by typing the EXE file names or browsing and selecting those files.


Under the Hotkey tab, you can configure the hotkey that you are going to use to hide the windows. By default, the hotkey assigned is Alt + 1. But you can customize the hotkey to anything you want using a combination of the modifier keys (Ctrl, Win, Alt, Shift) and the alphanumeric keys. While customizing the hotkey, make sure the selected hotkey does not create a conflict with other programs.


In the settings for the PrivacyHide, you can make it automatically start with Windows, hide the PrivacyHide icon that is usually displayed in the notification area of Windows desktop, and you can also choose to hide all the application instead of the selected few from the list.


Conclusion: PrivacyHide is a useful app to thwart the nosy advances of those individuals who show no concern to other people’s privacy. It can instantly hide pre-specified the applications in Windows PC at the press of a key so that nobody can see what you were just doing in your PC.

You can download PrivacyHide from