Log Activity on Kids Computers with KidLogger

There have been many cases of young, naive and impressionable girls meeting strangers on social networks like Facebook and falling victim to a criminal. In almost all of these cases, the stranger asked them to meet somewhere outside and turned out of a criminal. The only way parents can prevent such incidents is by teaching the young kids about not talking to just anyone on the internet, not giving any personal details like home address, school’s name or the phone number, and to not meet any stranger they met online.

Before the kids learn to protect themselves from the vile activity on the internet, you should monitor their online activity so that any unpleasant incidents can be avoided in time. The free KidLogger software can be used to monitor the user activity and capture data on any Windows PC used by your kids. It works on computers running on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.x and 10.

The program runs in the background and monitors keystrokes, clipboard content, USB removable media, IM chat (Skype) and the web site URLs. In the settings for the KidLogger, you can choose to password protect the program itself, choose a folder where the logs are stored, and choose the number of days for which the logs are to be kept. You can also choose options for recording the sound being received via the microphone on your PC (useful when kids talk to strangers over online apps) and to capture the screen (useful if kids are visiting inappropriate web sites).


In the main interface window, you have to choose which of the users you want to be monitored (just place a checkmark against each user that you wish to monitor) and click on the Start Monitoring button. This will make the KidLogger start working in the background. You can later access the logs by launching KidLogger once again.


Conclusion: KidLogger is a life safer for the parents of teenagers who are too young to understand the dangers present on the internet. This software allows you to monitor all activity on your kids’ PC so that you can stop them from making terrible mistakes.

You can download KidLogger from http://kidlogger.net/.