Find Pokémon Near You with PokéScanner App for Android

Recently we posted about the Poké Radar web app that can be used to easily find out the location of Pokémon near your area. But it is a crowd-sourced app which means that just about anyone can pin the location of Pokémon on the map and there is no verification of the legitimacy of their claim. This can result in unwanted situations, for example, suppose criminals pin the location and then wait in ambush to rob the unsuspecting victims. For these reasons, you should not go in locations that you think are unsafe or where the people are rarely seen.

On the other hand there is another app called PokéScanner which shows you the Pokémon locations in your area but it is not crowd-sourced. Instead, it makes use of the Pokémon Go servers to find the Pokémon locations for you. Because the locations are fetched directly from the Pokémon Go servers, they are very accurate and can be trusted without any problems.

The PokéScanner app not only displays the location of various types of Pokémon around you, it also lets you know how much remains for each of these Pokémon. Once the time expires, these Pokémon will no longer be found in that locations. To update the remaining time and the availability of the Pokémon, this app keeps updating the data from the servers every 30 seconds.

Poké Scanner

But there is a catch if you decide to use the PokéScanner app – your regular Pokémon Go account won’t work with this app. Instead, you would need a special Pokémon Club account. With this new account you will have to first login in your Pokémon Go app and then you will be able to use the PokéScanner app. After noting down the locations of all the cool Pokémon, you can logout and login using your regular Pokémon Go account and play the game as usual.

You can get the PokéScanner app for Android from