Make Pictures Selectively Grayscale Using Photo Black & Color

You must have seen many pictures posted on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter that have only a few colored objects and the rest of the image is grayscale. This is usually done by trained photo processing and editing experts using very expensive software. But you don’t have to use those high end graphics editors – neither you have to hire a professional for this simple and menial task. You can yourself edit your pictures and selectively remove color from them, turning them partially grayscale and leaving color in other places. For this you can use the free Photo Black & Color.

Photo Black & Color is a small tool that can be used to partially remove the color from an image ( also called partial de-saturation of the image). According to the developers of the software – “The partial desaturation is when you preserve a colored subject and let the rest of the image grayscaled“.

For good results you have to pick pictures where some objects have completely different color than other things in the background, for example, a picture of you wearing red clothes standing with green trees in the background. After selecting an image in the Photo Black & Color you can use the eye dropper tool to select all the shades of the color that you want to keep. It is suggested that you select at least three shades from the colors you want to keep.

Photo Black & Color

Although you can change the tolerance value using a slider control given to the left, you should first try with the default settings. To apply the selective de-saturation effect, click on the Execute button. In only a few seconds, you will be able to see the results. If not satisfied, you can click on the Undo button and start over. You can save the image in the popular formats like JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PNG and more.

You can download Photo Black & Color from