How to Delete Your Reviews from Google Map

Recently, I ordered  black forest cake from a local bakery shop and they promised to deliver the cake at my door step for free. But the cake they delivered was a plain vanilla cream cake. When I complained they told me to come back the next day and disconnected the phone. This was very rude behavior and so I googled them, found them on the Google Maps and then gave them a bad review narrating my experience. But only thirty minutes later the shop owner came to my home with a large black forest cake, apologized and asked me to delete the review.

I did not know how to delete the reviews. Actually the bakery owner game me the general guidelines before driving away in his Lexus sedan – perhaps he asks many people to delete the reviews. Anyway, this is how you can delete your reviews about a place on Google Maps:

  1. Visit and login to your Google account.
  2. Search for the place for which you have written a review and now you want to delete that review.Delete Google Reviews
  3. When that place appears on the map, click on the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) to access the menu and select Your contributions from there.
  4. Switch to the Reviews tab and locate your review that you want to delete.Delete Google Reviews
  5. Click on the vertical ellipses (three dots in vertical line) next to the review and select Delete review.
  6. You will be shown a confirmation box where you have to click on Delete to finally delete that review.Delete Google Reviews

If you want to just change the review then instead of deleting the reviews you can just edit them. In fact, for editing your reviews you do not have to open the contributions page. You can edit the from the Google search page itself.