Record and Stream PC Games with D3DGear

You must have seen those videos on Youtube that are actually the recording of PC Games as played by different people. These videos show you all the gameplay without any lags to hiccups. Some of the games also broadcast the gameplay live on Youtube as they are playing those games on their PC. In fact, these game videos are the most watched videos on the Youtube. If you also want to record or live broadcast the games when you are playing them on you PC, then you can use the D3DGear software.

D3DGear is a screenshot capture utility for PC games, it can record the games into video files, and also live broadcast the game play to websites like, or Youtube.  The application does not consume too many resources from your PC and efficiently captures the full desktop or the game area.


Before you start using the D3DGear application, you have to configure some of its settings. If you want to capture the screenshot images for the games, you have to specify the folder where these images are kept and assign a hotkey (F7 by default) for capture. For recording the videos, you have to specify a folder, a hotkey (default is F8), resolution, frame rate, codec and the video format. In case of the streaming, you have to enter the server information for,, Youtube, Ustream or others. You can get this server information from the live streaming sites themselves.

Once configuration is complete, you can start using the D3DGear for capturing or broadcasting games. You have to right-click on the notification area icon and choose to start the broadcasting of desktop or recording the desktop. You can also use the hotkeys to do the same.


D3DGear supports the image formats TGA, JPEG, PPM, HDR, PNG and BMP when you save the screenshots (configure the format from the settings). The game video recordings are saved to either the AVI or the WMV video formats. D3DGear is known to work well with resource intensive games, such as Skyrim, Battlefiled, Call of Duty, Crysis, Arma 3, Metro and many others.

You can download D3DGear application from