Avast Software Cleanup : Remove Bloatware from Windows PC

When you buy a brand new Windows PC, it usually comes with bundled software like antivirus products with 2 months license, trial version of the Microsoft Office products, some OEM applications that you can live without and more. All these applications are really unnecessary and you can remove them without really harming the usual working of your Windows PC. In fact, removal of such crapware or bloatware (as such software is often called) can make the PC work much more smoother and respond faster. But how would you know which of the applications on your PC falls in the bloatware category and that you can remove from PC?

The free Avast Software Cleanup tool can help you find all the bloatware installed on your PC. This software is in the beta version and will later be added as a new component of the Avast Antivirus. But as of now, it is available as a standalone and portable program.

Avast Software Cleanup

Upon launching the Avast Software Cleanup, it scans your PC for all the installed programs. After carefully examining and analyzing all the details, it lists all the bloatware and unwanted programs detected on your PC. At this point, you can proceed to remove the unwanted programs from your PC by clicking on the Move to Trash button next to them. On my Windows 8 PC, it did not find any such unwanted software.

If you want to see the detailed information about the programs that Software Cleanup has detected on your PC, then you can select the checkbox labeled Show extended user interface. This will show a list a of all the installed software on your PC – both the good software as well as the software with poor reputation. You can choose to remove any of these programs from your PC if you wish.

Avast Software Cleanup

Conclusion: Avast Software Cleanup helps find and remove the unwanted software from your PC easily. You can use it to remove bloatware and potentially unwanted software from your PC in just a few clicks.

You can download the Avast Software Cleanup from https://blog.avast.com/technology-beta-test-avast-software-cleanup.