Recover Lost/Deleted Data with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Computer data storage options for the home or office consumers have both increased and become cheaper in the recent years. A decade ago while the consumers depended only on their hard disks and optical media to store their files, now they have a myriad of options ranging from the cloud storage to USB flash disks and SSDs. But with an increase in the availability of various types of data storage technology, the ages old problem of data loss has also multiplied many times.

Data storage researchers have found out that there are four main reasons of data loss – unintentional actions (malware attacks, accidental deletion of files, misplacing disks, becoming a victim of hack attack), intentional actions (knowingly deleting files or formatting disks), failures (hardware failure, software corruption, system crash, power outage), and the natural disasters (thunderstorms, earthquakes, fire, floods, etc.).

No matter what kind of data loss you have suffered, the free recovery software EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can bring back all of your lost files easily. The software is able to recover your files both from a working disk drive and a disk drive that is no longer visible in Windows (perhaps because it was formatted or has corrupt file system).

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

After launching the Data Recovery Wizard, you have to select the type of files you would want to recover – images, videos, audio files, documents, email messages and others. Selecting all types of files won’t harm but to make things faster, you can select only the type of files you really want to recover.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Next step is obviously choosing the target disk drive or partition from where you want to recover the files. It supports all the popular file systems and can scan even the hidden, deleted or the raw partition types too. On my test system, it was able to detect the Linux partitions without any problem. Even if the partition does not contain any file system, this recovery software can scan it using the deep scanning mode.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

By default, it scans using the quick scan mode which does not take very long even on large partitions. The detected lost files are displayed in a list along with their full names and folder structure. If the list is very long, you can search the file you are looking for using the search box. In case of media or text files, you can quickly have a preview of the files before you proceed to recover them. To recover the files, you have to select all the files that you want to recover and then click on the Recover button. However, if you cannot find the lost files using the quick scan mode, then it offers you to scan using the deep scan mode which might take a a little longer time.

Verdict: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard works with all the partition types – even the ones you have deleted or formatted accidentally, and is able to recover all kinds of files from almost all kinds of storage media. It is the first program you should depend on when you have suffered any kind of data loss.

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