How to Toggle Google Account Activity History for Various Services

Google has recently made a new tool available for everyone through which they can control how Google stores your online activity on their servers. By default, Google stores watched Youtube videos, searched Youtube videos, location history, web and app history, device information and so on. This history is then used to present the Google services in a much better way to you. But using the new Google tool, you can toggle on or off any of these activities from being saved on Google servers. Here is how:

  1. Visit the Google My Activity webpage at
  2. After signing in to your Google account, click on the vertical ellipses icon (three dots) near the top-right corner to pull down the menu.Google My Activity
  3. Select Activity controls from the menu that is shown. In the screen that opens up, you will see a list of all the activity that Google stores on their servers – Web & App Activity, Location history, Device information, Voice & Audio Activity, Youtube Search history, and Youtube watch history.
  4. You can click on the toggle button next to any of these services to toggle off or on the recording of the history related to these activities.Google My Activity
  5. If you want to see what has been recorded under the activity history of any of these services then you can click on the Manage Activity button displayed next to them. It will show you the activity history for that particular service listed chronologically and you can remove any individual item if you want.

Google has done a good job of making everything transparent to the end user and allow everyone to view the activity history related to various of the Google services. This way people will have full control on what gets stored on the Google servers.