Seterra Makes Learning Basic Geography Fun

Many people do not remember the times when the internet did not offer sites like Wikipedia and Google. Back then everyone used the dial up internet connections and depended heavily on the encyclopedia software like Britannica and Microsoft Encarta to do research on any topic. In fact, many new computers came with these encyclopedia CD’s bundled with them. I remember when my cousin bought a new computer in early 2000’s and it came with Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia CD. One of the features in this CD that we used a lot was the puzzle games to test your knowledge of any topic. Unfortunately, Microsoft has discontinued Encarta, but you can still test and learn about geography using a small software called Seterra which is not very different from what Encarta puzzles used to be.

Seterra is an interesting educational program consisting of many puzzles and quizzes about geography. The software presents a multilingual interface so that all people from every corner in the world can use it comfortably. You have to select continents in the main window and each of these continents will have multiple puzzles listed against them.


For example, if you select Asia then you can choose a puzzle about South East Asian cities. In the puzzle, you have to click on the cities on a map to identify them. After three unsuccessful attempts, this program indicates the correct answer on the map by displaying a blinking red dot or by flashing the correct answer in case of the flags related puzzles. Moreover, a score is given based on your performance motivating you to improve your geographical knowledge.


Conclusion: Seterra is free map quiz game which is great of school kids. It can help kids learn the geography of all the continents, cities, flags, countries, their capitals and the locations of mountains, volcanoes and much more.

You can download Seterra from