Ubiquitous Player Packs Many Features in Small Media Player

Microsoft has made the Windows Media Player so much bloated and sluggish that people are turning away from it in the search for a small music player that can do the job without consuming half of the system resources. We have posted about one of such music players 1 by 1 before. One another such music player with a very small footprint is Ubiquitous Player. In addition to playing music files, this media player can also be used as an image viewer, file manager, screen shot capture utility, note taking application and a calculator.

Out of all these functions that Ubiquitous Player comes loaded with, the best is the music player. It can play many popular media files like MP3, OGG, FLAC, APE, AAC MP4, WMA, WAC, AIF, MPG, WMV, ASF, AVI. It can be used to view images of all the popular formats like JPEG, GIF, PNG, ICO and more.

Ubiquitous Player

The calculator function embedded inside the Ubiquitous Player offers a scientific calculator and works pretty fast when performing the calculations. It has three fields – the first two are used for operators and third field is used to display the result. A log of your all calculation is also displayed in the right-side panel.

Ubiquitous Player

Ubiquitous Player has a file manager that reminds of the good old Midnight Commander from the Linux systems – but is not as effective. It can be used to perform various file operations like copying files, deleting files and such. It can also be used to browse your system’s storage disks and view supported images or videos.

Ubiquitous Player

If you have a computer with touchscreen, then Ubiquitous Player is perfect for you. You can switch this software to the full screen mode and then your PC will turn into a professional looking music player that can be controlled by touching on the various controls.

You can download Ubiquitous Player from http://ubiquitous-player.blogspot.com/.