Awesome Screenshot : Screen Capture and Annotate Tool for Chrome

There are tons of screenshot capture tools available, but a tool that works from inside the web browser makes it much easier to capture the web site screenshots, annotate them and share them online. Awesome Screenshot extension for Chrome is one of such tools that works from inside the Chrome browser. It can capture visible part of the web pages, capture a selected area on the web page, capture the full length web page, capture the desktop and more. You can also use the delayed capture function which gives you 3 to 5 seconds before capturing the visible area of the web page. The delayed capture is ideal for snapping those menus or drop-down lists that disappear if you click somewhere else.

Awesome Screenshot for Chrome

In the Awesome Screenshot options, you can choose the image file types that you want to save the screenshots – PNG or JPG. You can choose the hotkeys for capturing the web pages. If you want to use the delayed capture function, then you can pick a delay of 3 seconds or 5 seconds.

Awesome Screenshot for Chrome

There is an in-built picture editor for editing and annotating the snapshots before you can save them to your hard disk. The editor allows you to crop the images, add geometric figures, add arrows and text, highlight parts of the screenshot, blur certain regions of the image to hide the sensitive information and so on. When you are satisfied, you can click on the Done button. You can save the image to your local hard disk, you can also upload it to the Awesome Screenshot website and get a sharing link. You can also upload the images to your Google Drive if you are logged into the Google account.

Awesome Screenshot for Chrome

Conclusion: Awesome Screenshot enables you to capture the entire screen or any area of the website. With this extension for Chrome, you can also annotate, comment, and share screenshots with a single mouse click.

You can gee the Awesome Screenshot extension for Chrome from

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