Find if Your Android Device is Affected by QuadRooter Vulnerabilities

The well known security firm Check Point (known for their ZoneAlarm firewall) have discovered new set of vulnerabilities that affect over 900 million Android devices worldwide. These vulnerabilities are four in number and a program can gain the root level access using these, hence these set of four vulnerabilities are being called QuadRooter. These vulnerabilities affect only the Android devices using the Qualcomm SOC’s. If your device is using some other manufacturer’s SOC (for example, Mediatek) then your device is obviously free from QuadRooter vulnerabilities. The chip manufacturer Qualcomm seems to have fixed these vulnerabilities, but it might take some time for them to be included by various device manufacturers in the forthcoming patches.

In any case, you can check whether your device is being affected by the QuadRooter vulnerabilities using a simple app released by Check Point. You can get this app from Google Play store. After installing this app, you can tap on the big circular pink button and it will start to scan your device for QuadRooter. After a few seconds, it will let you know whether your device is affected or not affected by QuadRooter.

QuadRooter Checker

If your device is affected by the QuadRooter vulnerabilities, then you have to wait for your device manufacturer to release the necessary patches. All the large corporations like Google, Sony, Samsung, have already promised to release the patches in a few weeks. In fact, Google has already released three of four patches to the end consumers.

In the meanwhile, if you own a Qualcomm chipset based Android smartphone, you should not side-load apps using APK files, stay away from unknown or suspicious WiFi networks, use an Android security solution to protect yourself from malicious apps that could possible use the QuadRooter vulnerabilities and of course install the system updates as soon as they become available.

You can get the Check Point QuadRooter vulnerabilities checker app from